Tired of the time it takes to go through a tape? Are you missing out on deals because you don't have enought time to go through all of your inventory? 


Let us do the due diligence for you! You free up time, can make bids faster and ultimately make more money!!


Tape Technicians is the sister company to Note Investing We provide Note Investors with the opportunity to 100% outsource the preliminary due diligence process. While it's great to have your own trained Virtual Assistant (VA) sometimes you just need a tape scrubbed and you need it fast!


By submitting your assets or tape to Tape Technicians, you can have our highly trained staff of virtual assistants do the entire due diligence process for you. There's no need to hire or train anyone! You simply upload, go on with your life, and receive you fully scrubbed tape ready to submit bids.


We guarantee that any information provided to Tape Technicians will be used solely for the purpose of researching the assets and are bound by a duty of Confidentiality. We are engaging in a working business relationship for the mutual and common benefit of both parties. We will not disclose or use any personal or property information before, during, or after the research process.



Tape Scrubbing

  • 24 - 72 hour turn around...You Pick

  • FULLY scrubbed tape specified to meet your asset buying criteria.

  • No training or hiring required, simply upload your tape, pay, and recieve your scrubbed tape by email!

  • As a part of our preliminary due diligence our Virtual Assistants (VA) will....

    • Filter tape to meet your buying criteria

    • Evaluate properties & neighborhood condition

    • Verify Taxes and Property Information

    • Research Liens and Judgments

    • Research Neighboorhood Crime Rates

    • Verify Bankruptcy Status

    • Research and Verify Property Value (CMV)




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